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Efective Date

The effective date of this privacy statement is March 20, 2020


This privacy policy applies to all personally identifiable information, about clients, registered members or any other individual or entity visiting the website, collected to render services to the clients, hire personnel and sharing information with visitors to our website, etc.

Information Collected From Clients

Logicize IP may collect following information in regards to the clients, personnel and other individuals or entities:

  • Information collected for rendering services, such as invention disclosure statements, trademarks, designs and other forms of intellectual property and product literature.
  • Usernames, passwords, aliases, avatars, photographs, names, address and other kinds of profile data.
  • Purchasing and payment information for future usage.
  • Product preferences.
  • Information collected over events or sessions hosted either in person or online.
  • Information about the device(s) being used.
  • Cookies.
  • Location Data

Usage And Sharing Of Information

Logicize IP may need to utilize personally identifiable information for rendering services to the clients, improving internal processes and where required the personally identifiable information may also be shared with external vendors and contractors. However, all the stakeholders including management, employees, vendors, and contractors, receiving the personally identifiable information, will be bound by a confidentiality agreement in compliance with data privacy laws applicable in each scenario.

Do Not Track Requests

At present, the website does not support “Do Not Track” requests from web browsers. However, such functionality may be further added once there is definitive legislation on the nature of protection required under this feature.

Information Security

All communications between the website and any external devices are protected via Secure Service Layer (SSL) protection. However, we intend to adopt a more recent standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) for secure communications between the external devices and the website.

Retention Period

All personally identifiable information collected will be deleted immediately on the request of the individual or the entity to which the information pertains. The information that has been dormant for over one year and does not have any potential of use owing to the discontinuation of any internal process or service rendered, would be automatically deleted.


The personally identifiable information would only be collected directly from the individual or the entity concerned, unless the individual or the entity concerned authorizes, in writing, another party for sharing information with Logicize IP.

Release To The Government

Any information required by local governments in regards to the jurisdiction to which the individual or the entity belongs, requested by legally available devices such as administrative orders and subpoenas, etc. would be shared under privacy laws applicable to the particular jurisdiction.

For Person And Entities Domiciled In European Union

Any individual or entity in the European Union may exercise certain rights concerning the information collected by Logicize IP as described in this privacy statement. This includes the rights of the individual or the entity in the European Union to (1) access to their personally identifiable information, (2) rectification or erasure of their personally identifiable information, (3) restriction of how Logicize IP is using their personally identifiable information, or object to how Logicize IP is using their personally identifiable information, and (4) to have Logicize IP transfer their personally identifiable information to another entity or organization that they specify. However, any of such acts listed from (1) to (5) would be carried out in compliance with and would be subject to certain exceptions accorded by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For Person And Entities Domiciled In The State Of California, USA

If the individual or the entity is domiciled in the state of California, United States of America, they have the right, subject to certain exceptions defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and other applicable laws and regulations, to request Logicize IP to disclose certain information to them about our collection and use of their personal information over the past twelve months.

Privacy Related Grievances And Requests

Any grievances or requests (for deletion of information etc.) in regards to privacy of personally identifiable information may be sent to info@logicizeip.com

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