Patent Illustration

Patent illustrations are an important part of a patent application for a better understanding of the technology sought to be protected, by a skilled artisan in the field of invention. The drawings including such illustrations need to meet standards set by legal regulations which may vary from one jurisdiction to another.

Utility Patent Drawing/Illustrations

Utility patent drawings are a part of a utility patent application with alphanumeric references to elements that are described in the detailed description section of the utility patent application. The utility patent drawings help in elaborately and lucidly describing a complex invention and play a key role in meeting legal requirements set by the patent statutes in several jurisdictions. 

Design Patent Drawing/Illustrations

Design patents are granted for new and inventive ornamental product designs and are adjudged only based on the visual aspects of the product designs. Since design patent applications are not allowed to include technical or economic benefits of the design of the product, the design patent drawings must be able to illustrate all the ornamental features of the product, clearly and comprehensively, to enable strong protection. 

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