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About us

Logicize Intellectual Property (LIP) helps individuals, inventors, and organizations of all kinds to prepare for their ever-evolving inventions and business. 
An advanced and exploratory platform that brings up a team of renowned white-collars, distinguished experts, world-class attorneys, practicing lawyers, and unflagging analysts to develop in-house expertise and satisfy your problems for Intellectual Property.
In the world where services come to a ‘click’, then why not Intellectual Property!
With the expertise of patent laws, Intellectual Property rights, IP domains we are dedicated to offering trusted, assured, and profit-driven outputs worldwide. Not only this, but our platform has exclusive and dedicated portals for the attorneys to open the contribution and endless opportunities to their business.
LIP application is unified with many features. It is purely customized, easy to handle, and strategically designed to your small to big problems of patents, trademark, and other Intellectual Property services.

All Intellectual Property Requirements under a single umbrella. With the merge of technology and knowledge, this coherent platform tackles almost every query of yours.


Logicize Intellectual Property has the capacious network with Worldwide patent attorneys. From the United States, Europe, India, China we are efficiently covering the globe.
Our Research and Analysis team knows the whereabouts of the Intellectual property trends, innovations, leading innovations, and keeping an eye over the changes happening in the IP field worldwide. We update our clients with regular notification of events from the patent office networks.
Having substantial contacts with attorneys, patent offices, agents, and IP law experts we keep our clocks synced with the world.
Our services never sleep!!

Our Vision

Why you Should use our Services

With a vision of making Intellectual Property Rights affordable and accessible to all without compromising on quality, we came a long way. Our strive is to grow a multi-disciplinary team in order to offer a broad spectrum of IP specialists and to provide assistance to a modern business to unlock their full potential, robust and reliable data analytics. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and helps our clients to innovate and reach new heights in their IP journey.

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Many reason why you should use our service provided

We Bring Value to your Invention

With an Extensive experience in Intellectual Property Rights, We guide you throughout the whole process and lead to a successful Grant

24/7 Customer Service.

We provide 24/7 Support Through Calls, Email, and Chat.

Award-Winning Team

We are backed by a Team of IP Experts from various Domains that include Engineers, Patent Agents, Attorneys, Paralegals, and Lawyers.

Hassle-Free Process.

We take care of all future communications and Events related to your Invention so that you don’t miss any deadline.

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